Frequently Asked Questions

On our website, you can find a form where you fill in the date and time of departure, pick-up location, destination. In the next step of the form, you will see an offer by vehicle category and price from a standard passenger car to a minibus for up to 16 people.

You always know the price for transportation before making a reservation and the price is final. You will no longer be charged any other fees. The price does not include changes that you agree with the driver, for example if you request to change the route.

The order you submit is in processing and has not yet been confirmed. Our dispatcher will check the order and then confirm it by email. At this point, your car is ordered.

Yes, it is possible and free of charge if you cancel the order on time.

You fill in the flight number in the order and we monitor this flight before your arrival, so the driver has information about the current arrival and will be waiting for you. You do not pay any waiting. Let us know if you do not board the plane or the flight is canceled.

How to book a taxi